816 Hotel

Location & Hours

Discover the majority of Kansas City history in one location.

The 816 Hotel (#KC experience) is Kansas City's newest boutique hotel dedicated to the past and present of the Paris of the Plains. The history of K.C. is rich and our hotel lends itself to convey the best to both - tell the Kansas City story and offer a memorable experience through exemplary customer service.

Our Select Service hotel offers a variety of unique themed rooms, each decorated and furnished by various Kansas City iconic institutions. Themed rooms share the Kansas City Story, everything from the KC Zoo to Boulevard Brewery, to the KC Mob past, to T.W.A. and everything between.

Rooms are quaintly decorated with archived photos of Kansas City's history along with a top of the line bedding package and Pharmacopia amenities.

801 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO 64111